Producer Council to the rescue of Kodi Veeran

Nov 28, 2017 JB

A week after the suicide of producer Ashok Kumar who was involved as a co-producer in the Sasikumar starrer Kodi Veeran, the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) on Monday (27th November) has said that it will assist actor and producer Sasikumar in every way possible to ensure the release of the film. Kodi Veeran, which was originally set for a Deepavali release along with Vijay’s Mersal, was postponed because of financial disputes surrounding the film.

Actor and producer Vishal in the capacity of President, Tamil Film Producers Council, said, “We will have to look at the issues around the film and we will do everything we can to release the film. We will have to speak to Sasikumar.”

Mr. Vishal earlier appealed to the producers to seek the help of Producers Council when they were faced with severe financial crises instead of taking such drastic steps. S. R. Prabhu, treasurer, Tamil Film Producers Council was quick to point out that this move does not mean that the Producer Council members will take over the loans. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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