Qutub-E-Kripa of AR Rahman's KM Conservatory nominated for Oscars in the Best Original song category

Dec 21, 2017 JB

Qutub-e-kripaa, an ensemble of musicians from AR Rahman’s K.M. Music Conservatory has been nominated for Best Original Song (Lake of Fire) category at 2018 Academy Awards. The ensemble’s work in the movie Lake of Fire is among the 141 scores announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as contenders for the nominations for the award.

On that note, Rahman took to Twitter to congratulate his team. He tweeted, "Congratulations Qutub - E - Kripa team of A.H. Kaashif, Parag Chhabra, RiyanjaliBhowmick, Jerry Vincent, Sachin Mannat & N.D. Santosh for the 'Lake of Fire' songs shortlist for Best Original Song at the 2018 Academy Awards"

In a statement, the K.M. Music Conservatory said they were proud and privileged at the début success of the three composers, who have worked on the score. The songs, Have you Ever Wondered by Jerry Silvester Vincent, I’ll be Gone by A.H. Kaashif and We’ll Party All Night by N. D Santhosh feature in the movie.

It should be noted that two other songs, composed by Gopi Sunder, from Malayalam movie, Pulimurugan, have also found its place in this list.

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