R K Suresh denies being in Bairavaa

Sep 14, 2016 JB

Producer turned actor R K Suresh is multitasking, straddling many horses at the same time. His debut performance as a villain in Bala’s Tharai Thappattai earned him a lot of applause, subsequent to which e has been taking a lot of acting assignments too.

Recently there were talks that Suresh will be doing a role in Vijay 60 which is titled as Bairavaa. But the actor denies this vehemently and says he is not there in the film.

He says, “I am not there in Bairavaa. Right now I am doing a film called Thani Mugan wherein I play dual roles as hero and villain. The film is directed by Sajith, who had assisted Shaji Kailas in many films. I just don’t want to act as only hero or only villain. I want to try out everything. I also want to produce quality commercial films and distribute also”. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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