Rajini-Ranjith film set in Mumbai slums

Jan 12, 2017 JB

Pa. Ranjith had directed Rajinikanth in his last outing Kabali. The film was about oppressed Tamilians in Malaysia and how Rajinikanth acted as their crusader.

Now, once again Ranjith and Rajini are teaming up for their next film which is produced by Dhanush for his Wunderbar Films. Sources say that the story of this film is set in Mumbai slums. Recently, the director and his team were on a location hunt in Mumbai. Later, they reportedly met Rajinikanth and discussed the looks and attires for Superstar in the film.

It has been reported that the premise for the flick has been set in Mumbai, and the story is yet again Ranjith’s attempt to speak up for the downtrodden. Apparently, the story is set amidst the slums of Mumbai. Since it would be a difficult task to shoot at real slum locations, the makers are considering replicating it on a set, or shoot using the green mat format.

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