Rajinikanth request for quick solution for FEFSI strike

Aug 3, 2017 JB

FEFSI went on strike demanding wage revision and against the decision of TFPC to hire workers of their choice and not source those owing allegiance to the former. The strike has entered the third day today and shootings of many films have come to a standstill.

Rajinikanth whose Kaala has also been stopped, issued a press note which reads, “Strike is one word I don’t like. Whatever the problem is one should solve it through peaceful dialogues, irrespective of one’s personal likes and dislikes. As a senior actor, I request members of FEFSI and Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TPFC) to discuss and find a solution to the dispute very soon”.

Vishal, President of Tamil Nadu Film Producer Council said that his association is exploring other alternative options to help the films to resume their outdoor shooting. However, the shooting of Vishal’s Thupparivaalan, Sasikumar’s Kodiveeran were among the few films that were not hit by Tuesday’s protest. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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