Rakesh Roshan parks 'Krrish' series for a change

Sep 19, 2014 NR

After the successful "Krrish" series, film-maker Rakesh Roshan chooses another subject for his next film, while not ruling out the chances of "Krrish 4" in future.

The three Roshans were felicitated at the CII Big Picture Summit in the capital city on Friday, and Rakesh talked about his future plans after the event.

When asked when would the Roshan trio work together again, he said "Very soon!".

"I am working on a script. I was looking out for a script for all these days. I think I have got one good idea and we are working on it. I hope it turns out well and we start the movie", Rakesh added.

Will it be 'Krrish 4'?

"No, not the next one ... 'Krrish 4' maybe after that", he responded.

Rakesh made it clear he would never choose a subject for a film where Rajesh and Hrithik are not required.

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