Ram's Taramani teaser goes viral on social media

May 26, 2016 JB

After Thangameenkal, the National award winning director Ram is now ready with his upcoming movie Taramani: A story which revolves around the lives of young IT professionals in Chennai in which Andrea Jeremiah and debutant Vasanth Ravi play the lead roles. The movie’s teaser that was launched on May 21st is going viral on social media and nearing five lakh viewers on YouTube within four days.

The teaser opens with the boyfriend's unending questions. “How come you have 2248 friends on Facebook? I just have 15.” “A skirt? Why do you have to wear it till here, why not down there?” “How does he know your size?!” and the last question is a blackmail threat by him for which Andrea slams the phone by saying “Whether I sleep with him or not is up to me. Jump if you want!”

It must be said that these types of Ram’s unique thinking had triggered the audiences’ mind. This out and out love story that travels through the different dimensions of a male - female relationship is about the romance between the couples who are poles apart. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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