Ranbir said yes to 'Roy' because he's a risk-taker, says director Vikramjit Singh

Feb 10, 2015 NR

"Roy" needed a "character" and not a "lead actor", says its director Vikramjit Singh, who feels that Ranbir Kapoor fit the bill for it due to his risk-taking ability.

Singh told IANS: "When you write a film, you have a wish list of actors ready. The role in 'Roy' is not a typical lead role. It's a character. I have seen Ranbir's work. He doesn't shy away from taking risks.

"We have seen him doing a film like 'Barfi!' in which he didn't have any dialogue. Also, his vision is different. He had faith in the film, and so he said yes to 'Roy'."

"Roy" also features Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline Fernandez. And while the duo has been promoting the film widely ahead of its release Feb 13, Ranbir has been missing from the scene so far. Singh says it was a strategy.

The director also clarified that "Roy" is not a full-fledged Ranbir Kapoor movie. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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