Ranveer finds it difficult to switch between characters

Dec 7, 2016 IANS

Mumbai: Actor Ranveer Singh, who is promoting his forthcoming film "Befikre" as well as filming Sanjay Leela Bhansalis "Padmavati", says at times it is difficult to switch between two contrasting characters.

Asked how it feels to talk about his character Dharam in "Befikre" during the film's promotional activities while playing ruler Alauddin Khilji in his next movie, Ranveer told IANS here: "It becomes difficult at times to switch on and off between two characters, especially when you are working with Mr Bhansali."

"I tend to stay in that zone while filming the character. So, the difficulties arise when such a character comes along," he added.

The actor will be seen as a free-spirited man in "Befikre", directed by Aditya Chopra. Along with the film's promotions, he is shooting for the period drama "Padmavati", also starring Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor.

Highlighting the contrast, Ranveer said: "I am playing a character that is very distinct from who I am as an individual. I was born and raised in an urban city in the present time, and I am playing a tyrannical sultan of the 13th century in the film. So for me, it is important to stay in that zone until the shooting is over. That is why the switch on and switch off becomes difficult."

He said he is done with the preparation of the character and has gone through the process of "cut away from daily days to get into that zone".

"Though I am still in the process of exploring and discovering the character, it will come with time. The character (of Alauddin Khilji) is so enigmatic with so many layers...I've never attempted it before.

"Though I played Iago from "Othello" in university (during his college days), this one is very different. This is ‘the' most challenging role for me. I hope, if I am successful in my endeavour, you will not see a trace of me that you have already seen of me."

The actor even bought a new place, which is close to his shooting location Film City, Goregaon, to cut himself off from the outer world and stay in the zone of the character.

How is it helping him?

He said: "Yes, it is helping me. It feels like you have gone for an outdoor as it is so close to the shooting location... (It feels like) You just come out from the rabbit hole of the space and enter the film set, do your shooting and go back to your zone. That is how you stay into the character."

"Befikre" is set to release on Friday.

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