Ranveer Singh 'overwhelmed' by Aditya Chopra's note

Dec 6, 2016 IANS

New Delhi: Actor Ranveer Singh was "overwhelmed" after reading a note titled "Ranveer was in 'Befikre' even before I was" penned by filmmaker Aditya Chopra, at an event, here.

Ranveer, who was here to promote his forthcoming film "Befikre" along with his co-star Vaani Kapoor, started reading the note which stated: "Dharam (the character name of Ranveer in the film) is somebody I could be. But I was never carefree enough to be . Dharam is a man, who will always remain a boy.

"For Dharam, college never ended and the party never stopped. He's so happy being himself and making everyone around him happy. That it literally becomes his job for life. If this is the character then there cannot be any other actor, but Ranveer Singh.

"Ranveer is Dharam, Dharam is Ranveer. Even before I knew that I am going to direct this film, I was writing it for Ranveer."

An elated Ranveer, further read the note to the reporters here, where he talked about superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer.

"He was actually the leading man for 'Befikre' even before I was the director of 'Befikre'. Now I have directed only one leading man all my life Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and any director, who has worked with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan knows that he is very bad habit that you just cannot get over.

"He makes your job so easy that you actually cant think working with anyone else ever. But before doing our other film together I had to do this one without him and I was really scared.

"I was scared because I truly believe that in all the films that we have done together Shah Rukh is the reason I came out looking good. So, am I going to be exposed now?

"It would have been unfair to put this pressure on Ranveer or on me to take this pressure on myself. so I just didn't think of it and dived into this film in this new adventure with a new leading man, but the strangest thing happened...The very first day I directed Ranveer he was Shah Rukh for me.

"The same energy, brilliance and intellect. I knew I was in safe hands. It's not like Ranveer acts like Shah Rukh or his process is like him. It is just that the way Shah Rukh used to better my work and cover my flaws, Ranveer did the same for me."

At the end of the note, Chopra added that he wouldn't have made "Befikre" "if an actor like Ranveer Singh did not exist."

After reading the note, Ranveer said: "I am bit overwhelmed by this note I just read. I need to live with it for a minute."

"Befikre" is slated to hit the screens on Friday.

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