Ravi Teja's Brother arrested

Mar 3, 2014 NR

Ravi Teja's Brother Bharath is embroiled in one more controversy. He was arrested on Monday midnight by Cyberabad Police. Going in to details, Bharath was talking to a friend by stopping his car on a road in Madhapur. The Patrolling team tried to question them. But Bharath behaved rude with them by using cuss words and even tried to manhandle the Police under high influence of alcohol.

He was immediately taken in to custody and his car was seized. He was made to appear in Miyapur court on Tuesday morning. The court has granted him the bail taking a personal guarantee of 5000 Rupees.

The above picture is of Ravi Teja's brothers when they were arrested for possession of banned drugs in 2010. Click the Movie button below for more info:

Ravi Teja Pictures


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