Release of ‘Saroj Ka Rishta' finalised

Feb 13, 2020 KRR

‘Saroj Ka Rishta’, starred by actor Shahid Kapoor's step-sister Sanah Kapur, has got a release date finally. The film is ready to reach cinemas on July 3.

Sanah made her Bollywood debut with the Kapoor and Alia Bhatt-starrer ‘Shaandaar’. It also stars Gaurav Pandey, Randeep Raii and Kumud Mishra et al. The movie is directed by Abhishek Saxena. It is produced by Dr Anmol Kapoor, Narender Garg, Nazia Siddiqui and Abhi Ambi Production.

‘Saroj Ka Rishta’ revolves around a father-daughter relationship with Kumud Mishra and Kapur in the lead. A love triangle with the two heroes Gaurav Pandey and Randeep Raii is also a part of Deepak Kapoor Bhardwaj's script.

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