Remya Nambeesan to play lead in ‘B32 Muthal 44 Vare'

Mar 15, 2022 KRR

After a hiatus, actor Remya Nambeesan is coming back to Malayalam Cinema by playing one of the lead characters in the upcoming film ‘B32 Muthal 44 Vare’. It is produced by Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC).

Directed by Shruthi Sharanyam, the movie is under KSFDC’s 'Films Directed by Women' project, which is part of the state government’s endeavour to support aspiring women directors. This is the fourth film under the project.

Actor/director and costume designer Cuckoo Parameswaran did the switch-on of the film in Kochi on Tuesday. It was attended by Shruthi Sharanyam and Remya Nambeesan, among others.

‘B32 Muthal 44 Vare’ will feature six main female characters and around 80 per cent of the crew leading each department are women. The film also features Harish Uthaman, Anarkali Marakkar and Zarin Shihab Sudheesh Elaman cranks the camera of this flick.

KSFDC’s first film under the women directors’ project was ‘Nishiddho’ (Forbidden), directed by Tara Ramanujan. The second such KSFDC film ‘Divorce’, directed by Mini I.G., will be released next month. Third in the list is ‘Inheritance’, directed by Indu B.R. Click the Movie button below for more info:
B 32 Muthal 44 Vare

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