Santhanam caught in a brawl and injured

Oct 10, 2017 JB

Comedian Santhanam and a city based builder Shanmugasundaram had engaged in a brawl yesterday, the 9th October, in connection with a land deal, that resulted in exchange of blows ending in a brief hospitalization for both. According to police, two others, who joined the fight, were also injured. And all the four were treated in a nearby hospital.

Santhanam had planned to build a mall at Kunrathur, Chennai and assigned the job to Shanmugasundaram. The location for the proposed mall and its design were finalized and the actor is said to have handed over a sum as an advance to the builder. However, the agreement was later cancelled and Santhanam is said to have asked Shanmugasundaram to return the money.

The builder kept evading to return the money and when Santhanam went to his office yesterday, an argument broke which snowballed into a fisticuff. Reportedly, both Santhanam and the builder have filed cases against each other following this incident

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