Santhosh Sethumadhavan's 'The Mask of God'

Mar 31, 2014 NR

After ‘Chattakkari’, Santhosh Sethumadhavan is now busy with the documentary film titled ‘The Mask of God’. The script of the documentary is also written by Sethumadhavan.

The documentary is mainly focused on belief in God. Aravindhan, Unnikrishnan, and Nandan are the three main characters in ‘The Mask of God’. Aravindhan is an auto driver and Nandan a gardener.

The documentary narrates the changes that happen in a layman’s life when he is transformed into God’s incarnation and also the reactions of common people towards this. The documentary also has the presence of dramatist, poet, and director Kavalam Narayanapanicker.

Payyannur, Alappuzha, Thrissur, and Perumbavoor are the main shooting locations.


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