Seth Rogen critisizes the media for publishing emails leaked from hack attacks

Dec 16, 2014 NR

“The Interview” actor Seth Rogen has blasted members of the media for publishing email messages stolen in a hack attack on Sony Pictures' databases in November 2014.

Earlier, activists, calling themselves the Guardians of Peace, threatened to continue hacking into Sony's computers and releasing stolen files unless studio bosses scrap plans to release “The Interview”.

Rogen has criticised the media for picking through all of the material the hackers have leaked so far, which includes salary details for “The Interview” actor and his refusal to alter a key scene in which the North Korean dictator is struck by a tank shell.

“It's stolen information ... I think it's f**ked up that anyone is talking about it. And I'm Ok talking about my s**t, honestly, because I don't f**king care that much, and the stuff that was stolen from me on the grand scale of s**t is not that bad, but it's f**king stolen. I do think it's f**ked up that everyone is doing exactly what these criminals want,” Rogen told US radio host Howard Stern.

“All of this information would literally just be sitting on some obscure corner of the Internet if it wasn't for these news articles exposing the information ... I can't believe people are just so happy be like, 'Look at this stolen information. Hey, let's f**king read it.' (The email authors) are not doing anything illegal. They're not trying to fool you as the consumer. They're having private correspondence with one another,” he added. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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