Shabana Azmi, 64 today, says she has embraced life at all stages

Sep 18, 2014 NR

Actress and social activist Shabana Azmi, who turns 64 on Thursday, says she is at peace with her age, and that she has embraced life at all stages.

When asked whether 64 is just a number for her, she said, "I'm at peace with my age. I've embraced life at all stages. I remember people were horrified when I celebrated my 50th! 'Don't announce your age', I was advised! How stupid is that!"

As an advice to the new generation of actors who consider her as a role model, she asks them to work hard, never become complacent, and to embrace life.

Known for her realistic portrayal of characters on the screen, Shabana says actors can enrich the characters they play by drawing upon all the depth of their own experience.

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