Sibiraj-Nikhila film titled as Ranga

Apr 24, 2017 JB

Ranga was a popular film of Superstar Rajinikanth and it becomes the title of an upcoming film of Sibiraj. This film is directed by Vinod of ‘Naalaya Iyakkunar’ fame and Nikhila is the heroine. The unit has just returned from Kashmir after a rigorous shooting schedule of 20 days. The film is produced by Vijay K Chellaiah.

About the title, producer says, “Lord Ranganathan is known as the protecting god. In the film, the hero will protect and help the heroine to come out of a major problem. So, we have kept the title as Ranga. The title was available at the guild and had registered it. I took the blessings of the original producer who made Ranga earlier with Rajini sir and have christened my film as Ranga”.

He also furthers on his shooting experiences in Kashmir. He says, “We chose Kashmir as the script demanded it. The hero travels to the valley for some purpose. Some of the high-octane action blocks with Sibi were filmed with the snow backdrop. We shot right at the India- Pakistan border and places like Gulmarg.” Click the Movie button below for more info:


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