Simbu quits Twitter

Aug 15, 2017 JB

Simbu who has a verified account in Twitter took the decision of quitting Twitter with a tweet that reads, “In spite of negativism, positivity was my forte but today's social media!!! Negativity is too dominating, and I'm scared to be a part. Social media was necessary as a celebrity, but I prefer to follow my heart. So before I depart, just wanna say. Always choose love :) #HappylndependeceDay."

Later on, he issued an audio statement in Tamil which is roughly translated as, “I don't want people to misquote my tweet and hence I want to clarify why I am quitting Twitter and Facebook. What I see on Twitter and Facebook is only hatred, not just against me but other actors and politicians have been victims of social media abuse too. Whatever a star does, netizens find a way to blame them, abuse them with bad words and also degrade them.

I see many people using these platforms not in the right way. I know everyone has the right to talk but most of them are just misusing their freedom of speech. I see people glorify petty issues but they fail to talk about the real ones. I feel most important problems get diluted because of talking about useless issues. Then there is the issue of exaggerations, paid reviews and fake profiles. You may not find these as issues but from where I am, being a part of the film industry, I could see a lot more than some of you.

There is nobody good or bad, we are all the same. We are all humans, we all should be united. Few people are dividing us for the sake of their own benefits. I request you all to be alert. Don't try to hurt others and try to live a life that is useful to others. Only love will save us. All these negativity will spoil our society. Please, please spread love, love each other and stay united. God bless."

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