Srikanth on his upcoming film Nambiar

Aug 15, 2016 JB

Nambiar is a film that was due for its release for a long time. It is finally hitting the screens this week on the 19th August. The film features Srikanth, Santhanam and Sunaina and Srikanth has also produced this film.

About his film, Srikanth says, “In our old films Nambiar had always donned on the role of a villain and MGR a hero. They represented bad and good. Similarly, there is always good and bad in the minds of all of us. Whenever evil lifts its head, we should ensure that the good part in us should dominate it and prevail. This is the crux of my film”.

He further adds, “It was wonderful working with Santhanam. There would be a segment in the film where I would be in the frame but Santhanam’s voice would be featured for me to indicate the domination of MGR in me by Nambiar. This would be very interesting”. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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