Stayed true to Sarabjit's story, have not changed anything: Omung Kumar

Apr 15, 2016 IANS

Mumbai: Film maker Omung Kumar, who took the plunge to direct the film "Sarbjit" based on the life of Sarabjit Singh, an Indian farmer who was convicted of terrorism in Pakistan and sentenced to death, says he has stayed true to the facts and has not changed anything.

Asked if he has taken any creative liberties while making the film, he said: "We made this film with our heart and what (Sarabjit's sister) Dalbir told us we followed exactly that way.

"Emotions run high because if you see the videos you will know and I wanted to capture that and this is what I was looking for. We know about Sarabjit through Dalbir and we had stayed true to the story not changed anything so it's true to the facts."

The movie will narrate the struggle of Dalbir, whose sole aim in life was to get her brother, out of jail. Randeep plays Sarabjit, while Aishwarya is seen essaying the role of Dalbir Kaur.

Kumar further reveals he started this film with a hope that he wants from the government - of bringing back Indians prisoners in Pakistani jails - and has also started foundation "Bring Them Back Home".

Asked if he was doing anything for this purpose or in talks with our government on this, he said: "When we started the film it was my wish that through this film if one person comes out then that's the true meaning of making this film. We have started a foundation bring them home. This film will show you what hope we want from the government to realise and accept what's going on. May be through this film that one person comes out then the meaning of this film will be complete."

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