'Su…Su..Sudhi Vathmeekam' getting ready

Nov 17, 2015 NR

‘Su..Su…Sudhi Vathmeekam’ directed by Renjith Sankar is getting ready to hit theaters soon.

Jayasurya does the title role. He has two heroines in this movie - Dr Swathy Narayanan and Shivada. The movie narrates the story of Sudhi from age 4 to 40.

The movie is inspired from the life story of Renjith Sankar's close friend Sudheendran. As the title suggests, Sudhi is a stutterer played by Jayasurya. Vathmeekam is his house name.

‘Su..Su...Sudhi Vathmeekam’ is produced by Renjith Sankar and Jayasurya under the banner of Dreams and Beyonds. The film will hit theaters on November 20th.

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