Superb Response to Chal Mohan Ranga First Single

Feb 24, 2018 NR

With so much buzz around and heaps of praise for the first look posters and teaser, the makers of “Chal Mohan Ranga” are launching their first single “Ga Gha Megha” on February 24th at 10a.m. While Smt.Nikitha Reddy is presenting the film, Pawan Kalyan Creative Works along with Trivikram have combined with Sreshth Movies to produce Nithiin’s 25 directed by Krishna Chaitanya. Nithiin and Megha Akash are pairing up once again for this beautiful seasonal love story.

S Thaman has his own flavour in every melody he composes, and this number is no exception. This breezy melody is going to be in tune with the film’s theme and gives us a glimpse of what the director Krishna Chaitanya of “Rowdy Fellow” fame has in store for the audience.

The lyrics penned by K.K. are catchy and simple just like the situation which is about the journey of hero and heroine exploring different things on their way back home enjoying each other’s company like no one is seeing.

Rahul Nambiar has pumped up the song even more with his vocals which has been set in US in some of the exotic locations like Seven miles drive, Key West, Amish Village etc. And N Nataraja Subramanian(Natty) of “A Aa” fame has captured every location at its best giving us some breath-taking visuals.

N Sudhakar Reddy who has given us some beautiful love stories like “Ishq”, “Gunde Jaari Gallanthayindhe” and “Chinnadhana Ne Kosam” has produced this film. The film is all set to release on April 5th. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Chal Mohan Ranga


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