Suriya advises the newly elected Nadigar Sangam team

Oct 24, 2015 JB

The newly elected Nadigar Sangam team Pandavar Ani will take charge soon and Suriya in a press statement has advised the team. In his statement he says, “This election has taught us a lot of lessons. Election campaign had witnessed many regrettable incidents. In the name of criticism, there were many personal attacks”.

“While on one side people were proclaiming ‘actors are one family’ but on the other side, there were widespread activities to divide this ‘family’ based on caste and language. People were ridiculed because of the success and failure of their films.

As a fellow artist, I request you not to take your responsibilities as favors. Please set an example in the way you treat senior artists. Strive for the welfare of all the artists. Please fulfill your promises sincerely. Sow seeds of unity, chasing away animosity. Let us all work towards the growth and development of artists and the film industry together.

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