Suriya fans protest in front of Sun TV office in Chennai

Jan 20, 2018 JB

Recently, Sun Music anchors, in one of their shows, had trolled Suriya for his height. In a context of director KV Anand approaching Amitabh Bachchan for his next film which features Suriya, the anchors had made sarcastic comments on Suriya’s height when he would be featured alongside the tall Amitabh.

This has naturally not gone down well with Suriya fans as well as neutral audiences as the comment amounts to body shaming and was totally unwarranted. Social media was abuzz with criticism for the channel as well the anchors.

This morning, numerous Suriya followers had gathered in front of Sun TV office at MRC Nagar, Chennai and protested against the comments and the channel by condemning the actions. Suriya took to Twitter to express his thoughts on Tamil which roughly translates as “We don't need to stoop low to react for substandard criticism. Devote your time and energy effectively through which the society would benefit"

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