Suriya in a latest controversy regarding slapping a boy

May 31, 2016 JB

Suriya is one actor who is highly non-controversial and is a professional. Therefore, it was a kind of a shocker for people when they heard that he hit a young boy last night.

Suriya, while he was coming back home last night, near Adyar in Chennai, he saw two youngsters harassing an old woman. When he got down from his car and enquired he realized that the young men had hit the lady when they were travelling in a bike which resulted in a confrontation. Suriya talked to the boys and sent the lady off and informed the incident to police.

But the duo had gone to the police and lodged a complaint against Suriya saying that he had slapped one of the boys and was very violent with them. The video of this went viral while Suriya’s side had mentioned that it is false. The lady has apparently come out and approached the police with the truth.

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