Suriya, Karthi and Vishal to pay their assistants

Mar 27, 2018 JB

The Tamil film industry is going through a lean patch post the strike as there have been no new film releases from March 1. Most producers feel reducing the salary of big actors and big filmmakers, which comprises a major chunk of the budget, is the only way to control cost of production.

TFPC has been meeting all the other major film bodies like the Directors association, Actors association, FEFSI and initiating talks on various issues to try and bring an amicable solution to the strike.

In Friday’s Nadigar Sangam meet, when the topic of cutting the salaries of stars came up for discussion, Suriya, Karthi and Vishal have come forward to pay their assistants from their own funds, which have so far been borne by the producers. Suriya willingly offered to bear and pay from now on all the expenses of his personal entourage during the shooting of his films. This may amount to lakhs of rupees depending on the number of shooting days. Karthi and Vishal have also announced a similar stand.

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