Director Shankar opens up on I

Mar 18, 2013 NR

Director Shankar has finally opened up on his upcoming film I, starring Vikram in the lead. The film is being produced by Aascar Ravichandran.

Shankar has updated in his blog that 2/3rd of the movie including four songs, three action sequences and a lot of scenes which are shot around China, Bangkok, Jodhpur, Kodaikanal, Pollachi and Chennai have been completed.

Richard Taylor and Peter Jackson’s ‘Weta Workshop’ have been roped into take care of the special make-up. Shankar has stated, “They are the same people who did Avatar, Lord of the Rings and Hobbit and, are taking an important part in our film in the special make up department. Like Stan Winston Studios played a major role in Enthiran, Weta is doing in I."

Shankar also made it clear that he has not recreated China in Kodaikanal.Shankar wrote: “In China we had got permissions for all the locations we wanted and had finished shooting as per our plan. Kodaikanal scenes are entirely different from China portions.”

He has also mentioned that the film’s budget is less than 100 crores.

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