Kamal Haasan is Hollywood bound

Mar 6, 2013 NR

Kamal Haasan has recently divulged some information on his possible Hollywood project with Barrie Osborne, producer of Lord of the Rings. Kamal said that he had sent the complete version of his Vishwaroopam to Big Brothers Studio for sound editing. Apparently, Barrie Osborne asked him as to whether he can watch the film.

Kamal informed that the film was an unedited one and might have minor errors. Barrie Osborne, after watching the film, asked Kamal for a second time viewing along with his daughter. Interestingly, Osborne watched the film along with Fox international president. Later he clarified some his doubts about the film with Kamal.

Now, Barrie Osborne is all kicked about doing a film with Kamal. Kamal will not only be acting in the film but also will be directing it. Kamal is extremely happy about the turn of events and is excited about doing an international project.

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