Rajini fans now campaign for 'Stop Smoking'

Dec 17, 2012 NR

One of Rajinikanth’s most applauded mannerisms in films were the way in which he used to light up cigarettes. However, the actor who met his fans in connection with his birthday celebrations, said that he regret doing such scenes in films.

He told his fans that he had a drinking problem from his bus conductor days and was also a chain smoker and it resulted in his recent health problems. Rajini became emotional when he said, “My smoking is the root cause of my present health problems as it affected my lungs and kidney. Once I stopped alcohol and smoking, my health improved. I plead with you to quit smoking, it is addictive and will ruin your health. From Sivaji itself I stopped smoking on screen. Smoking is really injurious to your health, stop it immediately."

Going by the words of their Thalaivar, now the fans of the Superstar, is promoting the campaign "to stop smoking". His fans in many parts of Tamil Nadu made a bonfire of cigarettes as symbol of their quit smoking campaign.

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