Team Makuta proud of National Award for 'Eega'

Mar 18, 2013 IANS

Chennai, March 18 (IANS) Who could've possibly imagined that a housefly could become one of the most loved film characters of Indian cinema in recent times? The credit goes to the team behind Makuta VFX, who are basking in the glory of winning the National Award as they recall "Eega" as their toughest project.

"The whole team at Makuta is super excited about winning the National Award for special effects and graphics. It was the toughest project we handled with well over 2.000 shots," Dasaradha R.Gude, chairman, Makuta VFX, said in a statement.

"Not only did Makuta create the fly and the principal animation for it, they also lit, rendered and composited the character along with all of its interacting elements, such as full interactive environments, digital set extensions and properties," he added.

"Eega", directed by S.S Rajamouli, narrates the story of a young man, who is rechristened into a housefly and seeks revenge on his killer.

"Everyone at Makuta is exceptionally proud to win the National Award and would dearly like to thank the director and producer and everyone who worked with us to breathe life into our little housefly," said Pete Draper, co-founder, Makuta VFX.

The film also won the National Award for best feature film in Telugu.

Nani and Samantha Ruth Prabhu played leads in the film, which was one of the most successful Telugu films of 2012.

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