Temper 5 days collections

Feb 18, 2015 NR

Young Tiger NTR's Temper had a Super Tuesday thanks to the Mahasivatri Festival. The occupancy in all the areas is very good and finally the movie had seen close to 3 Crore share on its fifth day. Here is the breakup of Temper 5 days collections:

Nizam: 7.7 Crs

Ceded: 4.49 Crs

UA: 2.08 Crs

Guntur: 2.33 Crs

East: 1.68 Crs

West: 1.33 Crs

Krishna: 1.62 Crs

Nellore: 0.93 Crs

Total AP/TS Share: 22.16 Crs Click the Movie button below for more info:


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