'The Interview' made a whopping $15 mn through online streaming

Dec 29, 2014 NR

Though it may not have set the cash registers ringing at theaters this weekend, 'The Interview' made a ton of money online.

The unplanned day-and-date release of The Interview raked in more than $15 million in online revenues through Saturday, Sony Pictures said in a release.

The comedy, which has earned $2.8 million in theaters, was rented or downloaded over 2 million times since hitting the Web on Tuesday, Sony disclosed.

Sources have revealed that the vast majority of the film's sales came through YouTube and Google Play Movies. The film was also available on Xbox Video and a dedicated Sony website, and with a slight delay on Apple's iTunes Store.

The film, about a hapless TV host tasked with assassinating Kim Jong-un, was originally intended to be released on roughly 3,000 screens on Christmas Day. It was expected to generate $20 million during its opening. Click the Movie button below for more info:
The Interview


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