Things won't change with just one film: Hansal Mehta

Feb 25, 2016 IANS

Mumbai, Feb 24 (IANS) Filmmaker Hansal Mehta, whose film "Aligarh" is set to release on Friday, believes that things will not change with just one movie.

"Things won't change with just one film. We have to keep on making films which will help change audience's taste... So that they develop this habit of watching something new," Mehta said at the special screening of "Aligarh".

“Aligarh” is a film based on the real life incident of Dr. Srinivas Ramchandra Siras, who was suspended from his job because of his sexual orientation.

"I want people to come and watch the film and take it home, take the characters home, and be inspired with it," Mehta said.

Winner of a National Film Award for Best Direction, Mehta says he is "overtly critical" of his own work.

"Every new film is a new challenge and journey. It is a new beginning. I don't compare my old work to my new work or else I won't be able to work. Also I am overtly critical about my work. People keep telling me that I shouldn't be that critical about my work," he added.

He also said that he cannot "predict" how the film will fare at the box office.

"Actor Jitendra once told me, there are no formulas found yet for baldness and box office collection, so I can't predict how my movie will fare at the box office. But I am hopeful, because we make films with hope that people come and watch it," Hansal added.

"Aligarh" stars Manoj Bajpayee as Professor Siras and Rajkummar Rao as a journalist. The movie is set to release on Friday.

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