Vijay Babu to play father to Prithviraj

Jul 28, 2014 NR

Producer Vijay Babu always finds time to be part of the cast of the films produced by him. He has done commendable roles in certain movies like ‘Honey Bee’ and ‘Philips and the Monkey Pen’.

Now the actor-producer is planning to do a more mature character, as the father of Prithviraj. Vijay Babu will play the father of the character played by Prithviraj in the forthcoming movie ‘Tamar Patar’.

Vijay Babu’s role in the movie is during a flashback sequence when Prithviraj’s childhood days are screened. The character played by Prithviraj, draws inspiration from his father who died at his young age.

Incidentally, Vijay Babu remembers that he has done the childhood days of Prithviraj’s father Sukumaran in the 1982 movie ‘Sooryan’. Vijay’s father Subhash Chandra Babu was the producer of ‘Sooryan’.

‘Tamar Patar’, which is a comedy entertainer, will have Prithviraj and Vijay Babu as police officers.

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