Vijay Devarakonda impresses NOTA crew

Apr 28, 2018 JB

The shoot of NOTA directed by Anand Shankar had resumed recently, after the 48-day film strike in Kollywood. The film marks the introduction of Arjun Reddy-fame Vijay Devarakonda in Kollywood.

Apparently, Vijay Devarakonda had impressed everyone at the set by delivering a three page dialogue perfectly. This gains more significance as the actor does not know Tamil.

Anand Shankar tells, “We were shooting at the EVP complex on the outskirts of Chennai. Apart from Vijay, the shot involved Sathyaraj sir and 200 junior artistes. Vijay had to utter a three-page dialogue in front of them. The scene was intense, and involved interaction with other characters, and would be tough for any actor to do. Typically, such a shot takes at least half-a-day to shoot. We split it into at least six shots with several cuts in between. As Vijay is not fluent in Tamil, I thought it may take longer with him. But he completed the entire scene in fluent Tamil, in just one take! At the end of the scene, the entire unit, including Sathyaraj sir, started clapping.” Click the Movie button below for more info:

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