Vishak Nair to tie the knot

Oct 22, 2021 KRR

Actor Vishak Nair of film ‘Anandam’ fame is getting ready to enter wedlock. The actor will be getting hitched with Jayapriya Nair soon. Vishak announced the news of his wedding on his Instagram page.

The post reads: “The 21st of October. The day Aanandam came out and changed my life completely. The day Atom walked into our lives and brought out the mommy in me. The day I'm going to make what is probably the biggest announcement I've ever made. There comes a point in one's life where one does the seemingly unthinkable - one willingly decides to hand over one's free will and peg one's every joy and sadness to another of the opposite sex. Sounds scary right? Well, it was... But then I met the young lady in the pictures above and just like that...those fears dissipated and I was able to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For I had found what I didn't even know I was looking for...the missing piece of the puzzle.

So it's with a heart full of hope, joy, excitement and everything in between that I introduce to you my soon to be fiance' Ms. Jayapria Nair. We will be "putting a ring on it" real soon but until then, please do keep us in your hearts and prayers.

The 21st of October. A day that keeps giving me more reasons to say #iniaanandame Love, V.”

Vishak has also acted in movies such as ‘Puthenpanam’, ‘Matchbox’, ‘Chunks’, ‘Aana Alarodalaral’, and ‘Lonappante Mamodisa


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