Vishal chosen for 'Face of Animal Activism' title

May 26, 2016 JB

Vishal just not sizzles onscreen but his off screen persona is also vibrant with the actor involving himself in many social activities. He is known for endorsing various causes like education, women’s welfare, transgender empowerment, and others, through his Devi Social and Educational Foundation and also through his Nadigar Sangam activities.

The work done by his Chennai rescue teams during the recent Chennai floods has not only helped lakhs of humans, but also thousands of animals in Chennai and Cuddalore.

He emerged as a true hero of animal welfare when he endorsed a series of serious animal activism campaigns (‘Voice against Cattle Trafficking’) and took part in a hunger strike protesting the culling of stray dogs by the Kerala Government. So, it only sounds right when he has been chosen for the title ‘Face of Animal Activism-2015’ by People for Cattle in India (PFCI). Congrats Vishal!

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