Vishal thanks Abirami Ramanathan for waiving off online booking charges

Jul 17, 2017 JB

Ever since the GST came into effect, theatres in Tamil Nadu are having very poor footfalls which have caused an alarming situation in the industry. Audiences are quite wary about spending a lot of money for a film that may not be good at all.

To combat this, Abirami Ramanathan has waived off online booking charges for film tickets at his multiplex, Abirami Mega Mall in Chennai.

Producer Council President Vishal has issued a statement thanking the popular exhibitor for his initiative. He said, “Out of the many problems that our film industry is facing, the biggest problem is the hike in the ticket price. I am happy that Abirami Ramanathan sir has removed the online booking charges for movie tickets in his multiplex. His move will be of great help to film lovers and also will set an example to other exhibitors. On behalf of Tamil Film Producers Council, I thank him for his initiative."

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