Vishal wanted to do the baddie's role in Irumbu Thirai

Dec 16, 2017 JB

Irumbu Thirai, an upcoming film that features Vishal, Arjun, Samantha and others is about ATM frauds and forgery. It is being directed by Mithran.

Apparently, Vishal was so keen to the do the villain’s role in the film. Talking about this director Mithran says, “Vishal wanted to do the villain role in Irumbu Thirai when I pitched the subject to him to produce it under his banner. He was so impressed with the plot that he not only agreed to bankroll it, but also opted to do the powerful baddie character. But I forced him to be the hero though.” Now the role is done by Arjun. The film, with music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, is scheduled to hit the screens in January.

Further, talking about Vishal, Mithran says, “Vishal gave me a lot of freedom and without hesitation, he was providing me the kind of things I wanted during its making. It is he who suggested that we cast big actors and also rope in big technicians. He was more concerned about the outcome”. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Irumbu Thirai

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