Why is I getting delayed, Vikram spills the beans

Nov 6, 2014 JB

Director Shankar’s I is in the production for a very long time. The audio was released some time back leading to hope and speculation that the film also will be released soon. Even though numerous dates were announced on this, nothing concrete has come out of this and fans of both Shankar and Vikram are quite eagerly awaiting the release.

Putting all the anxiety to rest, Vikram states that they don’t want to work in haste. Since the movie involves a lot of CG work, technicians are working on it day and night. “The special effects are complex and needs diligent attention”.

He also adds that since the film is being released in many languages, dubbing work is also going on and the team is working round the clock to give a fine product. Producer Aascar Ravichandran would be releasing I in more than 5000 screens across the world. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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