Wow! Is Vin Diesel Helping Deepika Padukone With More Hollywood Films?

Mar 20, 2017

One thing is for certain, Deepika Padukone is one hell of a lucky girl. When she made her dream debut in Bollywood with Om Shanti Om, it was none other than Shah Rukh Khan who was guiding and mentoring her post the release of the film to find a firm footing in the film Industry.

And now post her big Hollywood debut with xXx: Return Of Xander Cage, her co-star Vin Diesel has sort of become her Godfather in the west. Apparently, Vin Diesel is guiding the Padmavati actress to choose the right film in Hollywood. According to reports, The Fast And The Furious actor is personally going through all the scripts that are coming to Deepika.

Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone become thick friends while they were shooting for xXx, and ever since Vin has become protective of her. Vin wants to ensure that Deepika's next project in Hollywood too is as good as the previous one.

In fact, Vin, who is extremely fond of Deepika had even mentioned during their promotions that he would love to work with her again.

Honestly, we would also love to see our Piku star shine on Hollywood screen again!

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