Yuvan Shankar Raja's 20 years of music

Feb 28, 2017 JB

The master of strings and synth, the master of keys, the master of rhythms, Yuvan has successfully completed his 20 years in the film industry yesterday (27th Feb). His theme music had become a changing mantra for many of the star followers.

Yuvan says, “I am here sustaining because of the love of my fans and music lovers. For me, it looks as if I came only yesterday. The ups and downs during this period had not deterred me. Music is my passion and only the years of my role as a film's music director can be counted and not my stature as a basic music composer.

I am a born musician and will remain the same until last. I take this opportunity to thank all my producers, filmmakers, the stars, the media and the fans for imposing faith on me. I am grateful to my father for molding me with a sound attitude that could let me concentrate on music”.

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