Media tells youngsters more about crimes than movies: Randeep Hooda

Sep 22, 2015 IANS

His new movie "Main Aur Charles" narrates the story revolving around the case relating to notorious serial killer Charles Sobhraj. But Randeep Hooda says more than the movies, it's the "sensationalisation" of crimes by the media that draws the youngsters' attention towards crimes.

"Main Aur Charles", based on true events, is told from the perspective of former Indian Police Service officer Amod Kanth, who handled the case of notorious serial killer Charles Sobhraj.

Don't such movies glorify criminals?

Defending the medium of cinema, Randeep told IANS: "It is the media coverage that's educating the people more about the crimes... more than the movies ever will. We have only made an entertaining movie for the entertainment of people, and it (the case) is something that happened in real life."

Randeep says there's a lot of interest in the life of Sobhraj, a serial killer who escaped the capital's Tihar Jail after drugging guards and fellow inmates.

"That man (Sobhraj) was so smart that he walked out of Tihar jail, which is equipped with maximum security in India... He opened the gate and just sauntered out of that place. So why would we not make a movie about something like that," questioned the actor.

He even said that while TV news channels keep playing such newsbreaks repeatedly and with much animated presentation, they would do well to at least give "better" background music.

Randeep was here earlier this week to launch his Royal Roosters Polo Club in Gurgaon.

Besides being a critically acclaimed actor, the "Highway" star is also known for his love for horses and for the game of polo. He participates in professional equestrian sports like polo and show jumping and also owns a polo team called Royal Roosters.

Talking about the huge clamour about animals rights and treatment meted out to animals nowadays, the 39-year-old shared that his "horses are the happiest animals on the face of this earth".

Randeep is currently filming for "Do Lafzon Ki Kahani".

His "Main Aur Charles", which also features Richa Chadha, Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra, will release on October 30. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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