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Molly Aunty Rocks! is a 2012 Malayalam movie directed by Ranjith Sankar starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Revathi, Lalu Alex and Mamukkoya. Music for the movie is composed by Anand Madhusoodanan.

Feature Film
Release Date: September 14 2012 (India)
Language: Malayalam
Director: Ranjith Sankar
Production Company: Dreams N Beyond
Music Director: Anand Madhusoodanan
Molly is an unstoppable woman, who will do only what she feels is right... Molly's world is unique but she is its unquestioned queen!... Pranav is an egoistic man of today, who wants his system to rule over the subjects... When both of them clashed, sparks flew and egos would not relent... ...More

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Critic Rating:
Rating: 7.5 / 10
User Rating:
Rating: 5.4 / 10

Molly Aunty, without doubt rocks, and so does her director who has crafted this knockout of a film!
Rating: 7.5 / 10
- Veeyen

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Cast Overview:
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Lalu Alex
K. P. A. C. Lalitha
Krishna Kumar
Shivaji Guruvayoor


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