Molly Aunty Rocks for 50 days

Oct 31, 2012 NR

Ranjith Sankar’s ‘Molly Aunty Rocks’ starring Revathi in the lead role has completed 50 days today. The film also gathered a good number of fans in the overseas centers too.

In USA, Molly Aunty Rocks’ did some 100 shows already all over NJ, NY, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas etc. and still going strong. Outside Kerala it did fantastically in Bangalore and Chennai. It had a good number of audiences in Mumbai and North too.

Ranjith Sankar wrote on his blog: “We achieved more than what we set out to do in ‘MAR’. It has not only brought in our remunerations but decent profits as well. Most importantly majority of the audience were happy watching ‘MAR’”.

‘Molly Aunty Rocks’ tells the story of a middle-aged woman played by Revathi and her encounters with a young Income Tax officer Pranav played by Prithviraj. Revathy steals the show that the other characters are immersed in her shadow.

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