Sathyam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2008

Sathyam is a 2008 Indian movie directed by Rajasekar starring Vishal, Nayanthara and Upendra. Music for the Movie is composed by Harris Jayaraj.

Release Info:
August 15 2008 (India)   
Language: Tamil
Director: Rajasekar

The film is promised to be a slick action thriller; a cop story with no violence. Director Rajasekhar says that in Ta... Show more

The film is promised to be a slick action thriller; a cop story with no violence.

Director Rajasekhar says that in Tamil films if it is a cop story, it is a confrontation between the hero police officer and the villain politician and importance is given to action. "Sathyam" is no different except that there are no scenes of violence in it.

Vishal, born in a middle class family, becomes an assistant commissioner of police. Even after becoming a cop, he continues to do household chores including washing clothes and going to market to buy fruits and vegetables. His friends are the children living in his apartment building. Pairing with Vishal is Nayanthara, who plays a TV reporter. The film has Upendra, the Kannada superstar, playing a mercenary killer with an international network. Kota Srinivasa Rao dons the role of a politician.

Rajasekhar, a one-time associate of director Suresh Krissna, says Vishal is a no-nonsense angry young cop who has his own ideals and he fights to uphold them. What is special about the film is the absence of violence which is usually central to any action thriller.

"Sathyam" is Vishal's "stylish" film made for whole families, Rajasekhar stresses.

This is the first time Vishal shares screen space with Nayanathara. This is also the first time Vishal is featured in the role of a police officer.

A highlight of the film is a fight scene filmed in an ice factory set erected at an industrial unit in Ennore. The scene shows Vishal fighting the enemies standing on 200 ice bars. . It took ten days to complete the shooting of this scene.

According to the director, the film has some scintillating songs set to the music of Harris Jayraj.

The film is produced by Vishal's family production house, GK Films.



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Cast & Crew Details:

Director: Rajasekar
Music Director: Harris Jayaraj