Parthan Kanda Paralogam Malayalam Movie

Feature Film

Parthan Kanda Paralogam is a 2008 Indian movie directed by Anil starring Jayaram, Mukesh, Sreedevika and Jagathy Sreekumar. The feature film is produced by K.B. Madhu and the music composed by M. Jayachandran.

Release Info:
October 2 2008 (India)  
Language: Malayalam
Director: Anil

Director Anil (of the Anil-Babu duo) teams up with Jayaram once again after Anchil Oraal Arjunan to deliver Parthan Kand... Show more

Director Anil (of the Anil-Babu duo) teams up with Jayaram once again after Anchil Oraal Arjunan to deliver Parthan Kanda Paralokam, another light-hearted flick. The film takes us to a little village named Krishnapuram where Parthasarathy lives. Parthasarathy became an atheist after his father died in an accident, that too while returning after a visit to the temple.

Parthan, as Parthasarathy is usually called, is a good-hearted person (Now hasn't Jayaram done that kind of a role one time too often?). Parthan has miraculously survived death on several occasions, right from his childhood days. Several times, while he was taken for dead, he'd survived, which led to people referring to him as "Paralokam kanda Parthan", i.e., 'Parthan, who had seen the other world'.

Parthan has lots of friends and of course some enemies too. And chief among the latter is the Panchayath president Phalgunan Thampy, who happens to be his nephew too. When Phalgunan's daughter Satyabhama returns after having completed her education, he takes care that Parthan doesn't get too close to her. But things are not fully under his control.

Meanwhile another guy named Madhavan, who claims to be Parthan's friend, makes his entry into Krishnapuram. Parthan himself doesn't recollect Madhavan, but is amazed that everything Madhavan says about his early days is perfectly correct. With the entry of Madhavan, whose identity seems to be shrouded in mystery, the story takes a turn.

Jayaram is Parthan while Mukesh becomes Madhavan. Jagathy Sreekumar does the role of Phalgunan Thampy and Sreedevika becomes Satyabhama. Parthan Kanda Paralokam is set for release on April 14th.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Jagathy Sreekumar
Salim Kumar
Kottayam Nazeer
Kalabhavan Mani
Narayanan Nair
Chali Pala
Shobha Mohan

Director: Anil
Producer: K.B. Madhu
Music Director: M. Jayachandran
Song Lyrics Writer: Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri
Cinematographer: Anandakuttan
Editor: P.C. Mohanan
Art Designer: Biju Alappuzha
Screenplay Writer: Rajan Kiriyath
Original Story Writer: K.B. Raju

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