Parayan Marannathu Malayalam Movie

Feature Film

Parayan Marannathu is a 2009 Indian movie directed by Arun S. Bhaskar starring Biju Menon, Lakshmi Sharma, Arun and Vidya. The feature film is produced by P.S. Sheeja and the music composed by Arun Siddharth.

Release Info:
November 20 2009 (India)  
Language: Malayalam
Director: Arun S. Bhaskar
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Baby Parvathy
Narayanan Nair

Parayaan Marannathu, directed by debutante Arun S. Bhaskar, takes us to a little village named Kannadipuzha, where lives... Show more

Parayaan Marannathu, directed by debutante Arun S. Bhaskar, takes us to a little village named Kannadipuzha, where lives a tailor named Chandran. A man of very simple habits, Chandran is loved by everyone in the village. He knows each and every person in the neighborhood. He is deeply attached to his family, which comprises of his wife Rema and daughter Malu, and together they live happily.

Chandran has as his neighbour a lady named Madhavi, who is a washerwoman. Madhavi has a daughter Gauri, a plus-two student. Madhavi and Gauri have their own woes. Madhavi, born in a well-to-do family, fell to dire straits after her husband left her and her family too rejected her. She came to Kannadipuzha, determined to take over the responsibility of brining up her daughter by dint of her own hard work.

There is a young man named Manikantan who always tries to help Madhavi and Gauri. He is keen on marrying Gauri, but she never took a liking for him. And then another young guy comes into Gauri's life, and things take a dramatic turn. It is the story of Chandran and these other characters that is related in Parayaan Marannathu, in which Biju Menon becomes Chandran. Lakshmi Sharma does the role of Rema, while debutante Vidya plays the role of Gauri. Arun is Manikantan. The film, produced under the banner of Nandanam Films, has been shot at Ottapaalam and is almost ready for release.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Biju Menon
Lakshmi Sharma
Baby Parvathy
Narayanan Nair
KPAC Lalitha
Suraj Venjaramoodu
Jaffer Idukki
Geetha Salaam

Director: Arun S. Bhaskar
Producer: P.S. Sheeja
Music Director: Arun Siddharth
Song Lyrics Writers: Poovachal Khader, Murugan Kattakada
Cinematographer: Praveen Panicker
Editor: K. Srinivas
Art Designer: Subhash Sagar
Screenplay Writer: Shabari Shankar
Original Story Writer: Arun S. Bhaskar

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