Vaadamalli is a 2011 Malayalam movie directed by Alberrt Antoni starring Rahul Madhav, Richa Panai, Ramesh and Niji Mary. The movie is produced by Sunil Chandrika Nair and the music composed by Shyam.

Release: June 10 2011
Language: Malayalam
Director: Alberrt Antoni
Producer: Sunil Chandrika Nair
Production Company: Zoe Estebe
Music Director: Shyam
Vaadamalli is film directed that has been directed by Alberrt Antoni. Film viewers would remember the director as the one who had directed the critically acclaimed film Kanne Madanguka. The title of the film, that means a flower that never withers, symbolizes everlasting love. The story has been ...More

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Critic Rating: Rating: 1
User Rating: Rating: 1

You see the first few shots of the film, and brace yourself up for a visual fiesta that you feel, is going to be different from the usual lot. The first three minutes over, you realize that life could be so unpredictable. Hmm. Rating: 1 - Veeyen Read Full Review


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Cast Overview:
Rahul Madhav
Richa Panai
Niji Mary


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